Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kangan Jeweler

In the main tourist shopping area of Lawrence Rd. The store is just past Pizza Hut on the left side of the road. The store is set back from the road a little and is difficult to see until you are literally right in front of it. Drive slow once you pass Pizza Hut (which is on the right side of the road) so you don't miss it.

About the Store:
A popular stop for brides-to-be to purchase chura. This store has an extensive collection of chura and also makes custom sets like the one pictured below.

 Though not pictured, there are 4 of the peacock bangles in the set. 2 for each arm.

Chura are available in the standard materials including glass and plastic. They are also available in a wide variety of price ranges. The set above was 4500 INR (about $90 US or Aus) and feature a special designed backing to prevent discomfort. (In other words, the inner lining of the bangles is rounded and polished so they don't scratch or dig into your arms.)

In addition to chura the store carries an extensive selection of bangles, gold-plated costume jewelry, earrings and designer sets. Though this shop is small, it's worth your time to step in and browse. You're sure to find something you like.


  1. Awesome jewelry design, it look more elegant and expensive as well.

    St George Jeweler

  2. This place is overly priced. It is a complete rip off.