Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lal Mata Devi Mandir - Model Down Temple


In Rani Ka Bagh near Albert Road. Parking is to the side of the temple.

The temple is a scaled down model of Vaishno Devi in Kashmir (some say Katra in Jammu). It is a one way tour through a land of Hindu deities and includes a 'cave' that patrons walk through to mimic the tunnel at the original temple. Legend has it that anyone can go through the tiny opening that is there, as long as they don't fear entering it.

In addition to deities there is an actual worship area on the ground floor. Typically music is playing and men and women are not segregated.

Here are a few examples of the decorations, adornment and deities throughout the temple.

Aluminum panels adorn almost every inch of the cave in spectacular designs. Here is a sign with the Hindi words "Om Namo Shivoy" (Lord Shiva's catch phrase)written in aluminum.

Painted and stamped aluminum adorns the walls behind Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.

Shiv ling

Obviously, the last sign you see while on the one way tour. It's written in both Hindi and English and, for some reason, not Punjabi!

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