Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shri Durgiana Tirath Temple Complex


 Backside view of the main temple.

About the Temple Complex:
The foundation stone for the temple was laid in 1924. Today the temple is being renovated and rejuvenated. Renovations include covering the temple with gold panels, remodeling the floor of the walkway around the path, cleaning up the water surrounding the temple and more. The waters are now stocked with large fish, including coy. 

Though considered one temple, there are a few smaller temples inside of and immediately adjacent to the temple complex. The Bada Hanuman temple (pictured below) is located at the back side of the complex.
Bada Hanuman Mandir

The official temple website is located here.


In the waters surrounding the temple there are 4 statues of Gods/Goddesses just like the one pictured above.

Satyan Rayan, Radha Krishna and Hanuman
Sodama and Krishna

Each one of the glass windows pictured below has a different deity and the entire left side of the walkway is full of these windows.The walkway is situated so that it appears the temples are floating on water.

Inside of the main temple Radha and Krishna are located. There is an entry way to the right of the temple to stand between the deity and the current activities which are fenced off to the front side of the temple. Common activities include gazal singing and video taping live for appearance on a local TV channel. 
Nearby Shopping:  
Street vendors are set up at the entrance to the temple complex and inside of the complex are several stores and eateries. Patrons visiting the temple can purchase a healthy range of deities, costume jewelry, incense and burners, fans, trinkets and nick knacks. Just around the outer edges of the temple, with access provided easily from inside the temple compound, there are a couple of different street bazaars with shops looking like the one pictured below. These shops sell flags, tapestries, sari's, home decor and more.