Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oka Restaurant

Located in the District Complex shopping center at B-Block Ranjit Avenue. The restaurant is located above the Astoria Food Pavilion with entry access on the front and back side of the shopping complex.

About the Restaurant:
A small but quaint restaurant offering a second story view of the back side of the shopping complex and neighboring shopping areas. With the height of the restaurant the patron misses all of the commotion in the street below and can instead watch birds and enjoy a peaceful meal in a nice quiet setting. 

Oka's western style seating layout enables you to feel like you're the only table in the restaurant or as if you're having a chef prepared meal at home. Wait staff are friendly and attentive and meals are served in a timely fashion.

 A typical table setting.
 Full view of the food preparation area. The kitchen is behind the glass wall.

 The back half of the restaurant.

Serving western fusion style foods and international dishes tweaked to suit Amristar tastes. The owner raises their own fresh vegetables without the use of pesticides to ensure the food is both fresh and safe to eat. Salads are prepared fresh as ordered and the vegetables are cleaned to western standards before being used.

Grilled Chicken Burger with potato wedges.
  Greek Salad with feta cheese.

Mocktails, beer and Bacardi breezers are available in addition sodas and water.

Moderately priced, a couple can eat most meals on the menu for about 400 INR ($10 US and Aus) per person including drinks. The burger pictured above is 185 INR. Average price of a lunch meal is 200 INR.


  1. Went here today, after you and Nicky recommended the place - have to ask though, did you enjoy the food?
    We don't think we would go again, though the meals were prepared nicely and the setting is clean - the overall atmosphere wasn't too great, the staff seemed indifferent and the burger seemed to miss the mark...

  2. How can I forget this Oka restaurant, Amritsar, where my friend gave me treat on his birthday. It serves fantastic Pasta and Mocktails. The best thing about this restaurant that I like most is its environment, and quiet sitting.