Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surjit Food Plaza

Surjit is located inside the Nehru Shopping Complex at the main stop light on Lawrence Road. It is on the left side of the main parking area and can be see when turning into the parking lot.

 Nehru Shopping Complex - Surjit is to the left of where the photographer is standing.

About the Restaurant: 
One of the cleaner mid-level restaurants in Amritsar, Surjit's cuisine is sure to delight any Amritsari or traveler. Though the restaurant is below ground level, the owner clearly takes a great deal of pride in keeping the establishment attractive to customers on the inside.

The interior is decorated in mostly all white with glass table tops and wooden furnishings. The restaurant is fully air conditioned and there is a glass paned wall across the front of the kitchen allowing customers to see exactly how their food is being handled. The owner holds his staff to a strict accountability for the quality of the food and the service to the customers. On many occasions the owner or a member of his family can be seen interacting with customers as well to ensure they are satisfied.

The majority of the staff are friendly, understand English and prompt with their service. It is rare to have to wait very long, even when the restaurant is crowded, for drinks, napkins, etc. Unfortunately if it's crowded though, the kitchen staff cannot cook faster as each meal is cooked to order and shortcuts are not made which could lower the quality of the food so it may take a little longer for your actual meal.

There is a large flatscreen TV that typically airs Bollywood movies, the news or cricket for the customers entertainment. However, if the son is overseeing the restaurant he will turn it to English shows when non-Indian customers are seated in the restaurant. Both father and son are very friendly and hospitable and interact well with all their customers regularly.

Surjit serves primarily Indian Veg and Non-Veg cuisine. The menu includes common items such as parathas in many flavors and tandoori chicken which has been featured in magazines (proudly displayed at the front counter) as well as uncommon items including White Butter Chicken and Lemon Chicken. For vegetarians, Surjit offers a spectacular Veg Crispy, paneer items and more.

The average price for two person to have a main course, accompanying bread and a soda is just around 350 INR ($7 US or AUS). Most items do not come in orders small enough for one person. A "half" order is approximately 1 pound or 1/2 KG of food.

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  1. False reviews put everywhere by the owners, not worth a penny. Bad food, overpriced. Almost empty, either review readers come here or tourists lured by Taxi drivers.
    Worthless place, waste of time & money. Avoid at all costs