Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Religare Laboratories LTD (Ranbaxy)

 The view of the center from the parking lot.
 The view of the center from the walkway surrounding the shopping center. 

S.C.O. 44 Nagpal Tower II B-Block Ranjit Avenue
Near M.K. Hotel and actual location is at the far end of a large shopping center including a Reliance Fresh, Oka and Astoria Food Pavilion. The sign is small (about 3x4 feet) and can be hard to see from the road if you're not looking. It is blue and white and says "Religare" in large print. 

About the Facilities and Staff:
This lab is one of only two in Amritsar that is full service and offers all pathology tests. Not all tests are processed here in Amritsar though and some are sent out to Gurgaon. Once you register with your phone number you are sent a text message with your ID number and a website to log in to. Once your results are back you are sent another text message and can check the results online or go in to pick up a paper copy. The same information is also printed at the bottom of your receipt.

Staff was friendly and professional. There was a form to fill out for first time patients that was handled with the same level of professionalism that most forms are in the US and India. The staff fills out some information (name and anything the patient won't know to put) tells you where to sign and asks you to fill in any personal information they couldn't know. 

The waiting room was small but there did not seem to be a need for anything larger. Clients were taken back quickly after check-in. The seating area was neatly organized, fairly clean and well kept. The reception area was also organized and clean. Signage was posted in well visible locations to ensure clients knew the prices and services offered.

The lab technician was efficient, organized and left no room for error, confirming what she was supposed to do with another technician before proceeding.

Services Offered: 
Services offered at this location:
  • Ecocardiogram (ECG)
  • X-Rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Pathology
Here are a few examples: (date photos were taken was March 3, 2012
 Very clearly displayed pricing and the services it includes. These are a few of the packages offered.

Personal Testimony:
I was impressed with the services at this lab as well as the technicians skill. I barely felt the needle penetrate my arm indicating she knew exactly what she was doing and took pride in doing her job well. My tests were sent to Gurgaon on Saturday and I was informed the results would be available no later than Wednesday.

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