Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ram Bagh Company Park

The entry gate to the park, taken from inside of the park.

Entrances are located along NH15 (Majitha Rd.) There is no address to the actual park. For a Google Map of the park please click here. 

About the Park:
Predominantly this park is occupied by men of all ages. Older men can be seen drinking and playing cards on the grass at just about any time of day. Young boys and men play cricket, soccer and other sports in the large grassy areas of the park on a regular basis. Along the back side of the park there are tennis courts and a baseball field commonly used by younger children in the afternoons.

Small children can go skating at the the skating area just inside the gate. The skating area is divided into two sections, one for beginners and one for those more experienced. There are helpers there to assist the children while they skate to help prevent injuries. Parents typically stand around the edges of the skating area or walk along the garden walkway located immediately behind the skate park where they have full view of the children.

There is a road that goes all the way through the park where women can be found walking for exercise in the late afternoon (before dark). However, cars, motorcycles and scooters also travel the road making it quite unsafe in many ways. The road runs outside of the park at one point and the park must be re-entered. There is also a social club, The Amritsar Club, towards the back of the park in which some traffic is driving too. There is more traffic than there are women walking.

Unfortunately the zoo exhibits were all closed down long ago though the overgrown cages still remain throughout the park. 

Kids Area:
The children's area of the park is provided by Amritsar Vishal Lions Club, a division of Lions International. It is noticeably segmented off from the bulk of the park, though it is possible for anyone to enter from just about any angle. This is the main entrance and parking is provided directly in the front.

For a city this size the playground in this park, one of the largest in the city, is almost always vacant. 
 Two pieces of equipment inside the playground area.
 A close up view of the slide. It's concrete.

Memorial & Museum:
The Maharaja Ranjith Singh Museum is located at the center of the park. The museum features a panorama, artwork and various historic exhibits centered around the 18th and 19th century and from the life of the Sikh king. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5PM and there is an admission price. Shoes and cameras are not allowed inside.

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  1. hmm…how exactly does one slide down a concrete slide? I'm having visions of torn pants and sore bums. ?????

  2. @Caucasian Curry - wear long pants and pray lol. I'm not sure either and I never see kids on it but it had to have been used some how at some time in the past. I think.